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tv   Headline News  RT  August 17, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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for what they say. it is. a fierce gun battles reported outside a mosque in cairo where scores of pro morsi protesters were holed up overnight following days of deadly clashes which have claimed hundreds of lives. russia's far east suffers its most severe flooding in decades and the worst could be still to comp thousands of people have been forced to abandon their homes and emergency crews are doing their best to get them to safety. rocking the vote the newly founded alternative for germany parties eyeing seats in parliament and then next month's general election we take a look at whether they've got what it takes to take on the big guns.
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seven pm in moscow you're watching r t with me marina joshie welcome to the program in cairo the standoff between islam as protesters who have been holed up in a downtown mosque and security forces has reportedly been followed by an intense gun battle all of those people have reportedly now been forced out of the mosque hundreds barricaded themselves inside a building overnight fearing arrest if they emerged our correspondent bella true reports on how it all happened. it's absolutely chaotic i literally just came from this downtown central square where this mosque is housed there were just there was gunfire everywhere the very bloody street battle at this central mosque in ramsey square the site of protests yesterday it was between security forces and morsy supporters who were still barricaded in the inside one of the rooms in the mosque
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what happened in the afternoon was that the shooter suddenly opened fire on the army and they responded with but it's the two sides kept firing each other meanwhile inside there are still hundreds of protesters i spoke to one. who stuck inside they say they are two rooms in the mosque there in the back room barricaded in this at least seven hundred of them that they want to go home she says they haven't had enough access to water and food there are still people who are injured inside in the other room in the front room where the security forces are standing by police an army apparently they have been shooting a tear gas as well as live ammunition in this kind of chaotic back to between the two sides of that we can ascertain who the shooter is in the minarets there's also been reports of foreign journalists being targeted to were recently used temporarily detained their fees this could escalate and the foreign journalists might be attacked well the situation is really becoming very much worse as the days go on here in the capital in across the country there was a brotherhood supporters of ousted leader mohamed morsy have vowed to do daily
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protests for the next week and we've already seen hundreds dead in these old cations between security forces and the protesters meanwhile the government to showing no signs of backing down the prime minister announced this afternoon that he would consider dissolving the most of brotherhood which is going to do nothing but fuel the fire in addition the supreme guide to the kind of ideological leader mohamed had been his son who was reported to be killed in the clashes on wednesday as absolutely no form of negotiation or reconciliation on the horizon we're still going to have street battles here in the capital there are a number of clashes happening outside. in the governorates so we're really keeping an eye on the situation we're expected to get worse as the days go by. and other way to stay up to date on what's happening in egypt is to follow our correspondent on line twitter dot com slash belcher is where he should have for that well it's now discuss the crisis with you from constitution party mr laurie thank you so much
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for joining us here on r.t. well we have seen a food showing the soldiers shooting at the mosque with a rifle so obviously what's the need for such measures and for using such lethal weapons against the people who are where in the mosque hiding in barricaded themselves. well let's start to explain the thing for the whole situation from the beginning we had protesters that were in a sit in and that was accused of criminal acts and accused of harboring visions of and whoring militants and using kids and children as human shields and there is no political justification that can be put to put that there is a political demand that you put children as human shields and you use militants and you put children beside militants as human shields but there's a stash of what i like he told me he was sorry for interrupting you but those protests were they were not able they were sitting in there and just protesting against what they saw i apologize i apologize they were not they were not peaceful
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they were not peaceful at all the sit in and continually. spread out marches through the neighborhoods and to the surrounding neighborhoods where a lot of militants were shooting at rampage at any crowd or any civilians industries that were anti morsi would empty the muslim brotherhood i've been shot at for about i've been caught in a crossfire between the muslim brotherhood they were shooting at civilians into his square for three hours during the past month when the law they also have the numbers he said in march we also have the footage of a protester we also have the food channel protester seemingly surrendering with with his hands up and what happens next minute is is being shot at. ok let's let's let's to be frank with you we have been suffering from police brutality for the past three years and we were protesting against police brutality for the past three years and the only chance the only real chance that were ever had that there
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would we would have police formation was under the regime of mohamed morsi he was the only person in the past three years that had a real chance of forming the police but he did not he chose to reinforce the corrupted police and reinforce the corrupted personnel in the police to use them against his political adversity and what we're seeing now is that we seeing militants in the streets which actually. as a citizen as a taxpayer i will not face militants industries i do not recommend that citizens will go out and trash with the muslim brotherhood supporters that has guns and machine guns it's the state it's the job of the police it's the job of the army to actually save the civilians and protect the civilians from militants and from militant assemblies yes so it is there is no chance there is no political cover that can be given to a march that has several militants and out several people with machine guns that were spraying buildings. that i'm sure he's obviously with us sorry for interrupting you one more time the content of the country the crisis and i'm sorry you see civilians innocent civilians are being killed while you know for morsy
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supporters and to morsi supporters are trying to punish you and i'm not writing a single and i said i cannot call the protest that is marching i cannot know what it is it is emergency law and violence so why by and militant the hell with the moderates and all of the innocent who is going to be held responsible for innocent why is an investigation an investigation should be investigation should be carried but you cannot there is no political cover there is no political reasoning to have a militant march in the streets of cairo whenever you see the police or army marching through the streets of cairo you're not you're not see people terrified you're not see people scared away but if you see a militant group like the muslim brotherhood marching through you know you'll find a lot of people screaming away and running away because we know that the these are armed men these are militants they are shooting at anybody that this agree with the political redirect of there is no political cover for such act there is no political cover to burn down churches when you have been attacked by the police if
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you are protesting in the police if you are interesting or we have you know when we are you should actually. mean that you are not going down and burn down churches it's not going somewhere and kill people it's actually not a little bit unfair i'll just try ok let me just ask you a question here there's no grows it learns how to decide i'm sorry i mean look this is the center of attention of the situation. and ok science may i ask your story since there are no two sides. to our simulation people there is a nation so. there is no two sides no if you want to find out what's happening underground you're not letting me have a serious ok mr who are you listen to my question do it at this point we have a country deeply divided and we have to protesting sides here and by what's authorities are currently doing is there we're trying to prevent muslim brotherhood supporters from forming camps there and sit ins but isn't that provoking more violence and anger on their part. there are no two
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sides there are only the egyptian nation egyptian people that has said the world there's no two conflict of sides there's the gyptian people and they're terrified by a terroristic act of a mass murdering machines that is loose in the streets and there are the police force and the army trying to protect the civilians of egypt from this if there was a political paradigm if there was a political protest they would not have been marching with machine guns they would not be assembling industries having a camp or having a sit down where they torture people that they suspect will be killed civilians on site where the shoot at the neighborhoods i was in the streets for three years i was auntie's care for three years i was protesting against police brutality for three years i did i never carried a machine gun i would marchers were never armed our citizens were never armed we were shot at we were bullets that we were being arrested and were going to be persecuted by the army or by morsy supporters but we never held arms we took it to
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the peaceful level we always were peaceful we always message our messaging was to as it should should people we want a different people to gather around us and support our cause while the morsi supporters and the muslim brotherhood is a militant organization it's an organization that does not accept or does not even call for the support of egyptians they are anti egyptian identity they are marching against the egyptians there is an. army they're not sure they have rights haven't shoot to kill right well ahmed who are a spokesman for the constitution party if you're a civilian so if you're a civilian if you're a civilian and you're a taxpayer if you're a civilian a taxpayer you expect the police and the army to actually protect you from militants i understand and early this anywhere in the world that was a spokesperson for the constitution party talking to us here on r.t. . and go to our teacher conference or is it time line for much more on what's happening in the country got social media reaction there including firsthand accounts plus more videos from the scene.
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of russia's far east is preparing for the worst flooding in a century waters are expected to peak next week with three large regions already affected four hundred thousand have tours of farmland have been swarmed possibly causing around sixty million dollars worth of damage now thirty two thousand people have been stricken by the disaster and over half of them have been relocated by mergence the crews but opt to one hundred thousand more may still need to be evacuated from their homes moscow's dispatching army units to help tackle the tragedy the disaster caused by downpours and early july is not expected to start receding until early next month artist paul scott reports from one of the stricken district. the flood stretch from east to west the distance of two thousand kilometers and from north to south a distance of five hundred calamitous now there was
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a real concern that the situation could get worse with more rain on two separated over the next twenty four forty eight hours or so the flood levels are expected to peak in the middle of next week and in particular there are two focal points where of people is seriously concerned at least the hydroelectric power stations where water levels out the moments a critical level now there's a real fear that the amo river which you can see behind me could bust its banks one small you can power to even close up in a tent to try and counter that's authorities are allowing walter to flow through the dams such an increased rate of twenty percent to try to relieve some of the pressure on the lower the floodwaters there around three thousand military personnel in the region as well there are hospitals and kitchens as well providing simple food such as bread to help those people who have been displaced mosco was doing its bit to limit the damage being caused but the real concern is with full flood. water is expected in the coming days with the flood levels could rise the situation could be about to get worse. and with our thousand bottles of water drunk
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every minute in the u.s. we tap into some industry facts which might seem hard to swallow this and more just ahead for you. the truth.
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to speak old language click click click programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on the t.v. reporting from the world's hot spots the v.o.i.p. interviews intriguing story for you. in troy arabic to find out more visit our big dog all teeth dog called. play. play. play. play play. play.
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play. play. play play a clip i play it. welcome mat this is our u.s. lawmakers are calling for reform and more transparency the national security agency that's after the latest leak from edward snowden revealed the annecy has been overstepping surveillance rules thousands of times a year and a say officials have tried to save face by claiming the number of errors was extremely low compared to the overall data processed by the agency but the latest
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revelation has piled more pressure on washington to carry out a thorough and transparent investigation into the n.s.a.'s work the issue has become all the more pressing in light of president obama's insistence earlier this month that surveillance regulations are not being abused but you're not reading about is the government actually abusing these programs and. listening in on people's phone calls or in appropriately reading people's e-mails what your hearing about is the prospect that these could be abused the reason they're not abuse is because there are these checks are in place and those abuses would be against the wall. now the white house earlier came under fire for suggesting intelligence chief james clapper will lead a probe into the n.s.a.'s conduct washington was forced to backtrack and say that clapper who had denied the n.s.a. spied a millions of americans will not play
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a key role in the investigation intelligence analyst l'amour turner harvey thinks the u.s. government and the n.s.a. are too interdependent to fall out over at the latest and bear acing revelations. this is domestic surveillance and it is politically hugely embarrassing that's why i don't think it's for role because as i say the administration itself is so totally involved there is something called the foreign intelligence surveillance court now this is a very old gus body that was set up with the whole role that it would approve individual cases of surveillance because under american law the f.b.i. and certainly the cia and n.s.a. are not allowed to surveil american citizens and yet porter every scene with this latest revelation courtesy of it was snowden the massive thousands of
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surveillance incidences a year this is incredible is it as i say. the worst thing that happens for any government is political embarrassment and they have this and scads. well stand by for a shock over their resilience of america's nuclear elektra's city plans reports it's over one hundred reactor this could not withstand a plane crash such as a nine eleven style attack we've got the details online. plus as russia's pole vault star gets crucified by western media for apparently the fanning moscow's ban on gay propaganda to underage teens find out what's been overlooked from atlanta survivors comics and r t v dot com. germany's social democrats are taking over central berlin this we can to celebrate
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the party's one hundred fiftieth anniversary the rally has already been branded a campaign move by the ruling christian democratic party socialist main political opponents in the upcoming general election meanwhile is set to stage its own rally in hauberk the newly formed alternative for germany party which has its sights set on getting into parliament looks like it might succeed chancellor merkel's c.d.u. insists europe should grow bigger and the social democrats seem to agree saying trans border ties should be strengthened but the alternative for germany party doesn't think so it's against the euro and once european states individual sovereignty to be sacred sanct on the thirty issue of migrants the christian democrats would like immigrants employed in the public sector and the ass be the ones to give them equal education opportunities to germans and supporters who believe uncontrolled immigration should be stopped on today's tough economy
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chancellor merkel's party wants to balance the budget while the social democrats want growth but say it's too early too and a sturdy alternative for germany as though that thinks the cuts have to stop now frederator the co-founder of the europeans students for liberty movement says german voters have been disappointed by the coalition for some time now. the current parties in paloma and especially those in government did not meet the voters of solving the euro crisis by a more decentralized monetary policy in europe the coalition when they started out a coalition about four years ago they were talking about reducing the size of government and cutting taxes more economic freedoms and if you look at the public spending it's still between forty five and fifty percent so not much has changed and the leftist opposition in parliament is actually threatening the voters with even more government more regulation the higher taxes and more adept and that's not
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what people want. to look at some other stories from around the world and hydrofoil and a barge collided in siberia leaving a four people dead and forty nine injured the accident happened on the. river just outside the city of the captain of the hydrofoil who was allegedly drunk apparently strayed off course and rammed into the side of the barge plans are in place to raise the sunken vessel from the bottom of the river. and another maritime tragedy this time in the philippines where heavy rains and rough sea conditions have forced divers to suspend their search for almost two hundred missing people who were on board a sunken ferry the vessel was carrying more than eight hundred people want to collided with a cargo ship on friday and most have been rescued many passengers escaped by jumping overboard but the rest were trapped inside at least thirty two people are confirmed dead hundreds die in ferry accidents in the philippines every year due to
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overcrowding in the poor condition of ships. a string of brutal attacks in afghanistan and police say taliban militants armed with assault rifles attacked a road construction group in the country's west killing ten people and another incident five members of a family were killed in southern afghanistan when there are many van hit a roadside bomb and in the western that far out province three died when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a private clinic violence is increasing across afghanistan with insurgent scrambling to regain territory before the nato pull out at the end of two thousand and fourteen. russian cosmonauts have undertaken one of the longest spacewalks ever they spent seven and a half hours outside the international space station setting up power cables for a new science lab that's set to arrive in a few months time it was a third of six russian excursions outside the isis scheduled for this year.
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now as during his go bottled water takes some beating as being seen as a purist of the pure someone images of mountain glaciers and fresh springs but there's more to the multi-billion dollar industry especially worthy environments concerned and as he has the details. going a day without water is hard to imagine. but so was paying a lot more money for the same think that comes out of a tacit. americans are the number one consumers of bottled water in the world but why are people paying so much more than they have to cook the bottled water industry simply be tricking us part of the wire is a huge scam you know when you buy bottled water you're paying hundreds if not thousands of times the cost that you would be paying to simply access have already flown is almost half of bottled water is in fact just tap water. tap water that's
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just filtered by corporations instead of the consumer to home ads with the alluring glaciers on bottles and gorgeous celebrities make bottled water seem so much better people are like children you know you show and also the they probably design it so people like to hold it there sure like they're beautiful people or rivers coming down long term so you it's all about health so yeah it is a weird total fools but you think experts say it's a common misconception that bottled water is more pure in cif than tap pure marketing companies are making billions of dollars in selling this product that's more expensive than gasoline at this point to people and so they definitely benefit from people thinking that tap water is safe it's a wonder. why because they simply can get away with it. think outside the bottle campaign is one of an increasing number of groups
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challenging the corporations for the past three decades the bottled water industry namely coke pepsi and nestle have attempted to convince us that the only place to get clean and safe water is out of a bottle we all know it's not true because it water industry is new we aggressively push it. put public water in that it right into private hands or in countries where pollution is high people have no choice but for americans there certainly is experts the consumers just need to be more informed topwater is actually more regulated by the environmental protection agency than bottled water is by the free drug administration well recycling is supposed to make consumers feel better in reality plastic accumulation is at a peak seventy five percent of bottles and up in our landfills oceans rivers lakes you now see them. littering the landscape and they get only twenty five percent of them and up recycled and i think most people think that that rate is much higher in
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times when energy and water resources are growing scarce in the pacific and found that the equivalent of thirty two and fifty four million million barrels of oil are used in a year by the bottled water industry and this is the equivalent it would fuel between one and two million cars a year this will keep up unless perceptions change and we have a population growing so we're going to buy more and more bottle of water and more and more brand coming in every day pure pure of the water with bottled water low it's like water with water with energy activists it's time to break the myth and for consumers to change habits before water is a human right is lost who is it that we want to be providing our water is. that our. water for profit or is it that we want our own democratically governed. to be the ones that are providing us water if we take into account the huge price
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markups for a product that's available in most polls as well as the health environmental and regulation concerns it might be a good time to stop and think does one really need this considering life on earth existed without plastic bottles just a few decades ago or is the trend just to be resisted. to stop the flow and they said you're going to. new york. apne exactly martin looks at the long term effects of the u.s. chemical warfare program during the vietnam war and breaking the sound. the video game company of heroes two is facing a lot of heat from gamers inside the former soviet union in fact fourteen thousand
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people thus far have taken the time to sign a changed org petition to get the game removed from former communist shelves across the land why are people so mad this looks like some sort of world war two game i mean and this type of game there isn't going to be any murdering of honkers or virtual rampaging through cities with rocket launchers so why did they start a petition for you to blogger called the bad comedian made a detailed twenty five minute video depicting all the gross historical inaccuracies and exaggerations throughout the game the game prefers the soviet army as a pack of slave driving before with every soviet officer wanting nothing more than to shoot his old soldiers in the back or send them to the gulag forthwith according to polygon dot com the game exploits where moments in the wars history like some very limited battles were soviet soldiers went in unarmed and made it look as if sitting right fullest infantry directly into machine gun fire was part of the soviet army manual maybe it is a bit oversensitive to flip out over a dumb video game but lies repeated often enough will become true in the minds of
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millions of people who play the game and that's why you can't back down when it comes to historical falsification but that's just my opinion. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know. welcome to the big picture. if you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how. i mean. how do i know that i'm sitting in a really messed up.


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